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Sean McEntire - CEO Napa Valley Olive Tree Management, LLC.

Sean "Oliveman" McEntire

Kryptonian, age unknown

Super Power: Olive Oil

Nemesis: Fruit Flies

Esther McEntire - VP Napa Valley Olive Tree Management, LLC.

Esther has over 30 years in business operations, strategic planning, and customer service. Her work has been essential in implementing a new effective marketing strategy that focuses on the beautification of Napa Valley. 

Bianca "Baby Doll" McEntire - Marketing

Bianca's natural talents as an artist and designer perfectly fit the team at NVO. She is focused on developing into Napa's next great artist and graphic designer. Until than, focus is primarily on Horses, Puppies, Bunnies, and candy of all sizes and flavors. 

August McEntire - Assistant Operations Director

August has a keen eye for beautifying the natural surroundings of Napa Valley. Always ready to assist his father, August is the future of NVO and will soon transform all of Napa Valley into Paradise. If you happen to see August lying under an olive tree, he's not really napping, just smelling for truffles. 

Max McEntire - Defender of all things Olive

Max roams the orchards and vineyards keeping Napa Valley safe from Alien predators and pesky bugs. Dont let his muscular physique startle you, he's filled with hugs and kisses and more than welcome to accept all tips..... AKA snacks. 

FJ40 AKA  "The Goat"

The MOST awesome SUV in Napa Valley. Legend has it The Goat was sculpted from Pliocene obsidian volcanic rock and hardened through lava flows deep within Glass Mountain. He was hand painted with a rare olive skin that only grows in secret locations throughout the hills of Napa Valley.  Private tours available on request only though NVO. Currently booking for 2027. 

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